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Jayme Hanna

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My name is Jayme and I'm an entrepreneur with a passion for nature and an eye for beauty and design. I'm a licensed esthetician, herbalist, and lead skincare formulator for Lewie. I successfully built two holistic spas called Birch Botanical Spa in Missouri and Tennessee that I have sold to live a more simple life. I do still practice holistic esthetics for guests in the Sokno Ranger Station, our Airbnb, and for special events.

I'm also an outdoor enthusiast and enjoy leading people on outdoor herbal walks in my new home of Knoxville, Tennessee. My husband and I have created a quaint Airbnb on our property and enjoy showing guests new experiences such as herbal walks, fly fishing services, spa services and good old cast iron meals. Checkout our lodging page to learn more and how to book.

I look forward to meeting you in the woods or during a stay in our Airbnb.

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I love the reason for the seasons! Our natural world tells a story. If you listen and follow along, you can navigate your path. Checkout my blog as I navigate through life in search for answers while studying and learning from nature and the beauty it creates.


Everything starts with energy. I'm an energetic practitioner always on a journey. I love to forage, create products for my apothecary, teach outdoor classes, garden, design interiors, manage my spa and spend time with my family. 

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