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Hey There

My name is Jayme and I'm a nature lover and entrepreneur. I built a holistic spa in St. Charles, MO and Knoxville, TN called Birch Botanical Spa, but life called and I sold the business to focus on family, live closer to the outdoors and pursue other passions. I've enjoyed creating natural and organic skincare products since 2010 so I have teamed up with my cousin to create a new skin & oral care line of products for our company Lewie. When I'm not formulating product, I run a real estate business with my best friend and partner. Together we manage properties and also host outdoor experiences in our Airbnb. I'm soaking up life as best as I can.  

All About Me

As small business owner since 2010 creating and selling artisanal skincare, I have a passion for creating products and services for my clientele. I've devoted countless hours to learning about our natural environments and the magnificent things it has to offer our well-beings. As a holistic esthetician, studying herbalist, and an energy worker. I find balance and insight when I learn how we connect with plants medicinally and energetically. I built an organic spa, Birch Botanical Spa, as a holistic esthetician from the ground up to help clients come into alignment with their natural energy path. At the spa, we've created a holistic botanical skincare line that is used in services and also sold online and in our boutique. My next chapter in life is expanding on this concept I created in the spa and bringing my nature knowledge to our communities and homes for more people to learn and create on their own. 


On a personal note, I'm a mother, wife and a lover for all nature activities. I'm an outdoor adventurist that loves an exhilarating hike or a challenging paddle trip! For a number of years I've volunteered for the Missouri Department of Conservation as a Master Naturalist. Now, I have the pleasure of getting to teach my son all about nature!  I've also studied herbalism when I owned my own natural skincare line, Black Birch. Those days have since evolved into owning and running a spa that teaches a balance of self, nature and community.


The other piece of my business relies heavily on energy work. I truly believe in the effects our energies play in our personal growth and health.  

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