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How to Make a Calendula Oil Infusion

I came across calendula years ago when I was formulating my skincare line, formerly known as Black Birch in St. Charles, MO. I read the benefits of this marigold type flower and was amazed by its skin healing properties. Over the years I have purchased the dried flowers from Mountain Rose Herbs (may always trusted herbal source). I have also grown this flower in my garden and harvested the flowers by pulling the tops off when the flower is in full bloom, then set them aside to dry on a screen or paper bag. Over the years I feel like I've had a constant calendula oil infusion processing since around 2010.

In the spa, we make a large batch of calendula oil and use this as our base in many of our products. We also use the infused oil for all of our massages and facial services. I even keep the the marc (leftover plant matter) for our Soul to Heal Foot Treatment. Soaking your feet in a blend of flowers and oil in a copper bowl is absolutely AMAZING! Top that off with a 45 min foot massage and you'll be in heaven!

I chose to use this plant in my products because calendula is widely known for its skin healing properties. This plant can heal wounds, protects the skin from radiation, helps relieve inflammation from rashes and is also antimicrobial. There are so many other uses for calendula and I make note of these other uses in the PDF plant profile handouts I give to my Patreon members.

I created a video of how we make the oil infusion and using the product in the spa. Checkout my YouTube how-to video. I am still getting the hang of my NEW (from Santa) Insta360 One X2 360 Degree Waterproof Action Camera. It was fun filming in the spa with one of my favorite clients.

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