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Head Massage

Holistic Services

From Missouri to Tennessee I'm a licensed esthetician, reiki master and herbalist, and I am bringing my holistic talents to my new home in Knoxville, TN. I created my dream spas in St. Charles, MO and Knoxville, TN but I sold those and am now scaling down to be with family and bringing my top services that focus on healing from within with an emphasis on seasonal living. I truly believe that the energy we put into our mind and body reflects the results of our skin.

Life should be simple and natural. 

To book a service while staying at our Airbnb in Knoxville, at an event or request a session click the button below.

Jayme Hanna, Holistic Esthetician

Face, Body, & Energy

Get glowing skin while also experiencing relaxation like never before. I am the only spa in Knoxville, TN that uses kansa wands and marma point massage, following ancient Ayurvedic techniques during our skin brightening facials. Body treatments help sooth muscles and slows the mind to allow the body to truly relax. Energy treatments are a hands-on approach to relieving physical tension, and the negative emotions that are held in the body. Detach from the routine pressures of life and slow down with a facial, body, and/or energy treatment. 

Confident Woman

Restorative Herbal Facial
60 minutes $130
90 minutes $180

Improve the overall texture, tone, glow in your skin. Deeply hydrating, detoxifying and restorative, this transformative facial refines, brightens and regenerates skin for a revitalized and radiant look. East meets west with this facial as Jayme uses western techniques of exfoliation through dermaplaning and peels, but also combines eastern relaxation Ayurvedic techniques with a marma point facial massage with kansa wands. The service begins with an optional intuitive chakra reading to bring balance to the mind and body through the 7 energy centers and awareness to any energy blocks. This treatment combines a perfect blend of professional and botanical skincare for healthy results by using organic ingredients nourishing the skin with vitamins and minerals.

Reiki Treatment

Chakra Balancing and Reiki
45 minutes $80

I begin by testing the Chakras to bring balance to the mind and body through the 7 energy centers and awareness to any energy blocks. Chakra balancing is a unique, intuitive and customized form of energy medicine. Chakra balancing incorporates, sound, vibration, light touch, and pendulum that assist with clearing and balancing the aura, subtle energy field, and the chakra system. Reiki energy (universal energy) flows from the practitioner into the client by using hands on or the hands above method (client preference). The Reiki energy clears out energetic blockages, aligns and balances each of these chakras so the body can return to a state of balance. Reiki is very relaxing it instills a sense of calm and lightness. 

Woman's arm holding dry brush to top of her leg, cellulite treatment and dry brushing..jpg

Detox Dry Brushing
45 minutes $80

Enjoy soothing detoxification to exquisite relaxation with this head-to-toe treatment that involves a lymph flow-stimulating dry brushing, relaxing Swedish massage and the additional incorporation of a Kansa Wand massage. Performing dry brushing helps your skin by sloughing away dead skin and other impurities while also increasing the circulation in your body to speed the relaxation and detoxifying effects of the treatment.

Reiki Treatment
"I had an incredible experience during my session. I had the Divine Rejuvenating Facial with Jayme. It was a balancing of the body head to toe while rejuvenating my face. My skin feels so clear, smooth and cared for. Her genuine healing touch truly is a gift everyone should experience."

Adriana, MO


A hands-on touch brings a tremendous impact to our daily lives. Our society is fast-paced and we are constantly strained both physically and mentally.  These treatments are designed to enhance your Facial services, pair these treatments together for an ultimate spa experience.

woman in towel

Ultimate Divine Reset
150 minutes $260
180 minutes $306

Experience a day designed to provide you with the ultimate sense of renewal.

Treatments include

Chakra Balancing & Reiki + Detox Dry Brushing + Restorative Herbal Facial 


Want to learn more about local plants and herbal remedies?

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